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Choice of Business Entity for Technology Startup

In Canada business entities considered by entrepreneurs include: (1) sole proprietorships, (2) partnerships and limited partnerships and (3) corporations. Each of these entities has advantages as well as disadvantages. Choice of the entity is usually not irrevocable, and often an initial decision will be made with the understanding that, at the appropriate time, a different form of organization will be used.



Protection of Intellectual Property in Technology Startup

Aside from competence of management team, control of intellectual property is a major focus of investor scrutiny. The ability to identify and protect intellectual property directly reflects on investor confidence and the resulting access to capital available to technology start-up. Protection of intellectual property assets is available through the law of copyright, trade secrets, patents and trademarks.


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Pinsky Law, Patent & Trademark Agents, is a business, technology and intellectual property law firm providing a range of cost effective legal services to support companies involved in the development, distribution and use of technology and intellectual property assets. We represent businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors at all stages of growth, from business formation to IPO or acquisition. We represent clients in a wide variety of industries including aviation and aerospace, automotive, radio communications, wireless telecommunications, electronics, computer hardware, computer software, computer games, information technology, medical devices, digital media, clean technology, healthcare, book publishing, and entertainment. We help our clients to create and support new ventures, to attract an early-stage venture capital, to commercialize intellectual property assets, and to secure registration of patents, trademarks, and intellectual property licensing. We also serve as corporate general counsel on a part-time basis for clients whose management teams require dedicated, in-house legal management and resources, but are not yet large enough to justify hiring full-time general counsel.

A niche status and use of technology enable us to provide high quality, cost effective solutions to  a broad range of clients. We understand the dynamics and requirements of technology business environment. We have  the ability to see across different areas of law from both a legal and technically astute viewpoint. Some of our clients are surprised that we know how their business and technology work without having to be informed of the detail. We use our skills and experience to judge the balance between legal and commercial risk and deliver our services promptly and economically. We recognize that the value of our services is measured by the value we add to the business of our clients. We approach clients' needs and provide support in a timely, efficient, and effective manner and share with clients the legal and business experience in the process of assessing developing and deploying legal and business strategies.

One of the Firm's principal targets are entrepreneurs, inventors and technology based enterprises, especially at the inception of their business.  The Firm assists its clients in establishing their legal presence through corporate and property interests, including intellectual property and financing.  At the stage when clients' businesses are large enough, if necessary, the Firm is helping in partial transition to large accounting, financial, or investment firms.  The Firm can continue in an advisory nature and help with keeping an eye on the large firms which are sometimes necessary for public finance and international business transactions.  The Firm has experience in effectively policing for the client the work done by large bureaucratic entities whose interests are not always those of the entrepreneurial businessman.

What distinguishes us from many other law firms is our businesslike approach to solving our clients' problems.  We recognize that the most aggressive (and expensive) litigation strategy may not always be the best solution to a client's problem.  We also recognize that most clients would prefer to spend less money to alleviate their problems than spend more. As a result, in every matter we handle, we seek to identify the client's primary business objective, design a solution to fit that objective, and then implement that solution in the most efficient manner possible. The result is an effective, solution focused approach that helps our clients to expand their businesses.


Pinsky Law

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